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I will be starting oxilaplatin again next week. My friends mom is knitting me a ski mask to protect me from the Swedish winter. Last time I was on it, I had SEVERE pain from the cold that lasted the entire week until the next infusion.

We decided to be fun and make it pink and fluffy so I would look like a muppet when I wore it. I wanted to be funny and not look like I was gonna rob a bank. So do I want ears on the ski mask or not? Do I want a mouth hole? I am thinking yes to the ears, no to the mouth hole to protect my lips.

Any opinions? I will need to wear to from the hospital to the car and then anytime I go outside so that includes to and from school and the grocery.

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Re: ears or no ears

Oh, yes, ears we all need those antennae to hear better!
Speaking of eyes, ears etc, I needed a real change so we went to see Avatar in 3D. It was awesome.  And why not red and purple to match your 2 new coats. Will be thinking of you!!!


Re: ears or no ears

Hi Kris,

I am sure that Swedish winters are far worse than what we get here in Scotland. Much brrr indeed on your side of the North Sea! I am also guessing that fashion advice from a male would not be so good, so all I can offer is practical advice. No to the mouth hole and protect your lips! But fun and fluffy sounds like a good plan!

My best wishes to you,


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