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Alan died from cholangiocarcinoma on 21 December 2000 - he is in my heart every day but especially today 6 February, his birthday.

A charity, AMMF, was set up here in the UK in Alan's memory to raise funds to support research into cc and, at present some progress is being made by a team at Imperial College, London.

Sending love and positive thoughts to everyone with cc and to those who love and care for them.

Helen Morement

(To find out about AMMF's activities here in the UK, see

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Wishing you wonderful and happy memories of Alan on this special day. I am always in awe of families who reach out and try to make a difference from lifes cruel twists.

Sending the love and support right back at you!

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Thank you and bless you, Kris!

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Hi Helen,

Thank you so much for sharing this and for all the excellent work that you have done with ammf. I have added your website to my favourites folder and I will follow your progress with great interest.

I hope that you can enjoy today and look back on all the happy memories that you have of Alan.

Best wishes and a load of positive thoughts coming your way.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALAN and to Helen happy memories!


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Thanks for sharing.  What a wonderful way to honor Alan's memory while helping others.

Love & Hugs,

"One Day At A Time"

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Many thanks Kris, Gavin, Lainy and Darla!

The love and support that this site (or rather, the wonderful people that use this site) offers is just so uplifting ...

With love and positive thoughts for everyone.


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Helen - I'm sorry for being late, but happy birthday to Alan!  I am celebrating a great life many miles (and time zones) away.  I cannot even begin to understand the journey you have endured, especially the past few months.  I wish I could give you a hug. 

All our best to your organization.  We need to catch up soon - I am sure there are areas where we can collaborate. 


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Thank you for your kind wishes, Sara.

I have corresponded with Marion in the past and there is a link to the site on our AMMF site (plus, I believe one on yours to ours too ...).  However, if there are areas where you feel we could collaborate more, please let me know.  (You can reach me through the website,

Cholangiocarcinoma is such a cinderella subject here in the UK as far as research is concerned but, amongst others, we are supporting a great team at Imperial College who are seeking the causes of this disease and also looking into ways to diagnose far earlier.

It's twelve years now since my gorgeous man got his appalling diagnosis out of the blue and nine years since he passed - and since that time my determination has grown to do whatever I can to help find the answers ...

And whenever I visit this site I am inspired just that bit more!

Love and positive thoughts