Topic: ascities - the options

hi everyone, I just wondered if we could evaluate different experiences/management of ascities.  Has anybody experienced a shunt?  this seems to be an option enabling management of the condition at home.  Repeated drainage in hospital is too much for anybody fighting this relentless disease, in addition has anybody experienced long term management with diuretics?

thanks, Jules

Re: ascities - the options


I've had my ascities drained twice and am now on 2 diuretics.  40 mg of Furosemide and  200 mg of Spironolactone.   This, in combination with the other drugs I'm taking (Xeloda and Lentinan) does seem to be working to keep my Ascities at bay.  It's present but not intense like it was.  I've been on this regime for a couple of months now.
My doctors are hesitant about the use of a shunt due to probably of infection in their experience.  I do know others have tried it with some relief.
I'm in a 'grace' period these last few months with the beast held at bay for the moment and try to remember, and give thanks, each day for my remarkable good fortune.

Re: ascities - the options

thankyou Peter for your reply.  my dad sees his oncologist on Wednesday and will be able to discuss the options.  your reply gives me hope and optimism.  I am pleased for you that things have stabilised, I am hopeful that new treatments will soon filter through to cc patients.

Take care, Jules