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Last week, Mary's Oncologist asked to give her a hug and then said, "Go live your life, you are cancer free." 

I don't post regularly so the short form history is:
Symptoms present March 22, 2009
Two ERCPs at Good Samaritan in San Jose were inconclusive. Doctors honored our request for a referral to Stanford.
Two more ERCPs at Stanford (Dr. Bannerjee) and still inconclusive. However, horrible abdominal pain led to laparoscopic gall bladder removal (Dr. Brendan Visser) in April.  Judged clean in the OR, the lab work confirmed cancer five days later.
Liver resection removed 78% of Mary's liver in May 2009 by Dr. Visser.
28 Radiation treatments plus Xeloda chemo in July-August by Dr. Daniel Chang, radiology oncology and Dr. George Fisher, Oncology. 
In October, Gemzar started and stopped after two treatments--it destroyed Mary's bone marrow.  Again, Dr. George Fisher, Oncologist. 
November-December battery of tests: Negative for cancer. However, Mary was suffering intolerable back pain.
Reran all tests in February.  Still had back pain, but the visit with the Oncologist lead to the hug and good wishes--cancer free! 
Mary is now in the care of Stanford's Pain Center. The proposed diagnosis for the back pain is either facet joint arthritis or nerve damage from radiation therapy.  She has a "Medial Branch Nerve Block" set for Wed morning to relieve the pain, hopefully. 

You can read our entire history of this journey at 

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What good news.  I am so happy for you and Pat about the cancer free diagnosis.  I have read part of your blog and intend to go back and read more.  I am hoping they will be able to get her pain under control. So, as the doctor said "Go live your life"!  smile

Love & Hugs,

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Hi Pat,

Thanks for sharing this good news!! Excelent stuff indeed! "Go and live your life", what great words to hear, so do it!

Best wishes to you and Mary,


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How exciting! I love reading these good news stories.

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Thanks for sharing. I love good, hopeful stories. May they long continue!


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Wow, that's wonderful.  It's really reassuring to get news like this - thanks!!


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