Topic: Foundation Update

I want to give you a update on the foundation.  While it may seems like we have not been doing anything, many things have been happening behind the scenes. 

We are a unique foundation in that every person on the board has lost a loved one in the last 6 months.  And while this has slowed us down a bit, it has not affected our resolve to make a difference in the lives of those suffering with cholangiocarcinoma.

You will start to see intermittent changes on the website.  We need to expand what we are offering and make it easier and more accessible.  We need to reach as many patients as we can and your suggestions can help us do this.

In the fall, we will publish our first newsletter.  Many doors have been opened to us and we are excited about the future.  We have been approached by a medical research/writer who would like to publish articles in medical journals about cholangiocarcinoma specifically.  Her work will also be published in the newsletter.  We will be updating you on the latest options you have available for medical treatments, alternative treatments, nutrition and health, clinical trials and other pertinent information.

There will be information on patient advocacy.  We have found many Drs and researchers eager to work with the foundation and excited that Cholangiocarcinoma is  going to have a voice in the advocacy community.

We will also have more information available if you would like to help and or donate to the foundation.  We know that many of you are talented and resourceful.  There will be opportunities for all of us to serve.  Please let us know if you are interested.

Many thanks go to Rick, Sara, and all the board members.  These are all volunteer positions and they have spent personal time and resources over the last year to make all of this happen.  It is a pleasure to work with each of them.