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Sorry I have been AWOL, I have been missing the cc cafe, it really does feel like sitting down for a cup of coffee with friends at the kitchen table.

I have been having Internet access and car problems so I have been trying to deal with more practical matters. I suspected it before but have confirmed that I am not suited for modern life. I have spent the better part of my free time for the past week and a half trying to configure a wireless network and I don't understand why the router doesn't come with a bottle of wine. I called the phone company to troubleshoot and after several of his suggestions did not work the help desk guy suggested I try unplugging the phone and I had to point out that then we would not be talking.

I have been really busy with my new house, well actually my very old house. I recently found the original plans and survey for the house tucked behind a drawer and they confirm that the house is in very original condition. It has been slow going, though, since it is just me. People keep asking me what is taking so long to get things together and I keep reminding them that everyone else I know who bought a house bought it with someone and I am doing it all alone, the work, the decisions,the paying for it, etc. Anyhow, the important thing is how the house makes people feel and even though everything is not in place yet it has not stopped me from having friends over and it has already proven to be the kind of house that people don't want to leave, some friends were over for dinner before a concert and they said wistfully that it seemed a shame to get up and go, we were having such a good time.

I will try and catch up on the posts I missed, I am sure Lainy has thrown in a few laughs and Kris has said something more hilarious.


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Oh Patty, I love houses like that. I want an "original" house too. In fact there is an old house that is no longer is leaning, a floor is missing, one of the two chimneys need to be replaced, and I am not sure there is even a bathroom in it. It is 2 blocks from the sea. I want to put it back in original condition. Sometimes I make Hans drive by it. I have sat outside it and made plans. I dream about that house in my sleep. I call it the green house or hope house and the goal is if I can get and stay healthy for 4 years, we will put an offer on it.

Houses speak to us and when they start talking, we need to listen. So it is fantastic you found the house that speaks to you.

And dont I know about technology problems. I think I am in the wrong time, but then I really like my car and air conditioning so I dont think I would really want to go back.

Take care.

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I can totally visualize your house near the sea and, boy, do I feel more relaxed. And should you find yourselves in Chicago you and Hans are welcome to come stay at my original old house anytime!


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Hi Patty, good to see your smiling face!!! An original house for an original lady, a one of a kind! I am a very good cleaner upper so if I came to help I would walk behind you clean up and loving it after each project!!! We have missed you so don't be a stranger. I work with a router that send me phone calls from my office in Milwaukee. It does some ingenuity in the beginning so I needed a lot of help!  But good to hear from you and I know its a lot of work fixing up but a true labor of love! And its all yours.