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I have just started to research gendicine (the first licensed gene therapy) which is available in china, I believe it is available in the US and Europe but only in a clinical trial setting.  From the limited research I have done to date it shows great promise.  My research is in the very early stages - I do not yet know whether this treatment is suitable for cc patients, I would appreciate it if anyone else on this site that has knowledge/experience could contribute to this thread..


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Dear Jules, I have only just found this fantastic website and your info. My Darling Sister Gail, age 47, was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma a month ago and had a resection 3 weeks ago. She is still in hosp and is in very low spirits and is reluctant at present to consider chemo so I am very excited to learn more about this trial. Can you give me any more info please?

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hi chris, I am so sorry to hear about your sister.  gendicine as far as I know is only available in china.  Take a look at this link to learn more... … ews_191885

I have also spoken to the Dr mentioned in this article, he tells me that he has treated cc patients - one from the UK..

My Dad is currently commuting to Germany from the UK for treatment (he is having dendritic cell treatment, you can learn more from our posts - my dad is 'Geoff')  My dad tells me that he did mention gene therapy to his oncologist here in the UK and his Dr in Germany and it was not highly rated for effectiveness with cc, apparently it has been more effective on head and neck cancers.  However please do not take my word for it, I have not had the time recently to do much research on this, and research is moving at a fast pace.

Your sister is in a strong position in that she has been able to have a resection.  Surgery can be curative depending especially if good margins were achieved.  I understand her reservations re chemo - you are wise to consider all the options, sometimes the side effects can be worse then the cure.  My Dad has done well on DC therapy.  I wish your sister a trouble free recovery from the surgery, in time her strength will return, until then she is probably not feeling up to making such big decisions.

Take care, Jules

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Hi Jules,

Sounds interesting,  and promising....thanks for the tip and your continued research.  Note that, like some of the newer immunotherapies, this therapy seems to be applied directly to the tumor.  This may mean it could be difficult to get treatment for those of us with matastisis.  It does sound promising and we must continue to search.

I've taken a break from the research I spent months doing once I had a plan to follow but it may be time to start up again soon. 

Great to hear your Dad continues to do well with the DC treatments.  Strength and blessings to you both.


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Hi Jules,
Thanks so much for your prompt reply to my posting. Although my Sis has had a the op the Surgeon couldn't remove all the lesions and has had to leave some. There is also evidence that she has cancer in her lymph nodes which could not be removed. We're early days into this but the prognosis is apparently 'not good'. I am intending, of course, to explore every avenue possible. Thank goodness for this site and all of you. XX