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After chemo, is it normal for the tumor marker to go up? Does it spike after treatment?



Re: Tumor Marker

I assume you're referring to CA19-9.
If you're early into chemo it may take a while for the marker to reflect any change from the chemo.  And that's only if the chemo helps.  Everyone is different of course.
It's also interesting that most of my Docs with CC experience, and I'm fortunate to have people with a lot of experience, tend to downplay the usefulness of the CA19-9 number.
In my case I personally believe the trend of the number has been relevant to my condition as it follows so closely how I feel intutively and my clinical symptoms.

Re: Tumor Marker

My dad was diagnosed with GBC in 12/06.  Had a liver resection in March 2007. 

In January, my dad's CA 19-9 was normal as was his PET scan - yet he had malignancy.  Are there other ways of detecting malignancies?  I am just worried how they will find anything if it pops up somewhere else.  I need to get a copy of the pre-op CAT scan to see what they says.

Since CA 19-9 isn't always the best indicator, is there something else to use?