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Hi Everyone,

I posted awhile back about my Dad regarding some other options of chemotherapy. Well I am sad to say that he passed away last tuesday.  He had just undergone some radiation treatment and due to the bloating, he wasn't eating or drinking. I think the poisons in his body took him from us. 
I have never underwent something so hard in my life! The good side is he had endured this cancer for over 2 years with his positive attitude and his will to live. I just want to convey my thanks to everyone for all the posts that I have read that have helped me and him get ideas for his doctor to try.
For everyone enduring this, keep positive and never give up. Dad didn't, and he bet the odds! His doctor said he was the poster cancer patient.

Thanks again,

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Hi Susie ---- May your Dad rest in peace and God give you the strength.
Jeff G.

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Susiegg -
So very sorry to hear the news about your Dad.  I know that you will not be alone in your suffering.  God is with you and so are so many people that have lost loved ones to this disease.  We probably will not know the answers to our questions in this lifetime as to why these things happen but because of love, we will see them again. 
After all, that is why we were created. 
God Bless
Betty Johnson

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Sorry Susie for your loss.   I know this site has been a big help and support for many of us battling this horrible disease.   May you find peace in your memories of your Dad.