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Anyone have experience with Cyberknife?

I understand it's available in Canada now, in Montreal and soon in Hamilton. Can't understand why it isn't in Toronto?

Spoke to our radiologist about Cyberknife recently, he said that yes he'd heard about it but that it was not being used on bile duct cancer, although it is being used in the US. He was concerned that there wasn't enough good solid data after treatment. He also said that the same conditions would apply to this as standard radiation, over all health of the individual etc. But that it is not available through the Canadian health care system and would likely be very expensive.

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My husband, Teddy, had CK 2 years ago and we cannot rave about it enough, a true miracle! I know the tumor has to be under 7CM and there can not be too many tumors. Teddy had radiation first to shrink his fro 7 to 6CM. You can find a vast amount of information on the WEB by typing in just Cyber Knife. All very interesting stuff.

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