Topic: Stent Problems


   My Mother age 53, diagnosed March 06', seems to be having problems with her second stent.  She had her first metal stent placed in her common bile duct in April 06'.  This stent lasted/worked for 13 months.  She had another ERCP done this past May.  They placed another metal stent within the original.  Three days ago she started to become symptomatic.  She is going for blood work to check her Bili level, but we know it will be elevated.  She just had this new stent put in...this is so bothersome. 

I was just wondering if anyone else can share some of their stent stories. 

FYI...Her last chemo treatment was in Feb.  Her body seems to tolerate chemo well and has responded to it.  Her next CT scan is scheduled for next friday the 20th. 

As we all know, biliary obstruction is very serious.  Not to mention, how crappy you feel when your bili count is elevated. 

God Bless....Alison