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It is 11:00 pm here. It is nice and dark and I am listening to the most wonderfully beautiful sound of the rain hitting the windows and roof. I havent heard rain in months and it is just so peaceful. In SC during the summer, we get the most magnificent rain and thunderstorms. Full on lightening and big fat raindrops. Nothing so dramatic in Sweden but this nice gentle rain. I love it. Taking the time to listen to nature can really cheer me up.


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Kris -
I don't post much anymore after losing Sam but I still keep up with everyone and have kept up with your journey.  I guess the reason that I am responding to your entry is that I love the rain also.  Sam and I built a house on the river and I love to watch a storm come by, the rain drops hitting the river, the wind, and the lightening.  I will actually sit outside on the porch and not care if I get wet or not.  The other most fantastic site is a sunset on the Black Warrior River in Demopolis, AL.  You just can't beat it.
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I love the gentle sound of rain as well but it is funny you bring this up because the past few nights water has been driving me crazy. I have a neighbor with a fountain, a very beautiful fountain, that is on his land but up against the outside wall of my house and I can hear it when I am in bed but only faintly so it sounds like a badly dripping faucet and the first night that is what I thought and jumped out of bed to check my faucets and then realized they must have turned on their fountain because it has warmed up here. Not sure what to do about this, any neighborly advice?


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I,too love the sound of the rain particularly overnight ,we have a tin roof which is nice when it rains                         Janet

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I love the sound of rain and storms.  In fact when I was in the hospital I had a front row seat to the most amazing lightening and thunderstorm I've even seen.  I was on the 10th floor and my bed was next to the window.  The lightening was so bright and the thunder so loud that it woke me up.  I walked down the hall to the lounge where there are huge windows and just sat there and watched the storm roll over the Cleveland skyline.  The lightening was that jagged kind that runs from the sky to the ground.  When I returned to my room, there were several nurses looking out my window.  A historic building, (a church) located on the Clinic campus was on fire.  They think it was hit by lightening.  It was totally destroyed.  Wow.  What a night that was.  You're post really jogged my memory.    Thanks.


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