Topic: Cancer return?

Hi everyone,

Mom has her second body scan tomorrow.  They make me nervous!!!! 

I know that EVERY person is different, and no cancers are the same.  For those of you that have had a return, how long did it take and where did it come back?

Thank you,

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Re: Cancer return?

My husband had his initial surgery
august 1, 2006.  Resected intestine to liver to restore function...followed by oral xeloda chemo and "sharp shooter" radiation for 5 weeks.  He was so strong...tolerated treatment VERY well.  Went back to work right away...CT scans clean October, January, April.  Lesion appears in July CT, anterior to the portal vein, same site.  Biopsy on 31st of July confirms tumor presence.  Discussion with surgeon today nets no real answers.  One year almost to the day.