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Hi, I got diagnosed with stage IV unresectable bile duct cancer about 3 months ago.  I had jaundice and that's how it was discovered.  Got a stent, some duct scrapings, laparoscopy, samples of 2 spots on the liver, all the samples were cholangiocarcinoma, so they replaced the plastic stent with a long metal one.

I opted for an immunotherapy drug trial (see post in Clinical Trials:  OX-40 trial).  If that doesn't do the trick, I'm considering dendritic cell therapy.

So far, I'm feeling pretty good.  My blood tests are now coming back normal.  I'm thinking that if I try to avoid treatments that damage the immune system, I'll have a better outcome with immune system-based treatments.

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I KNOW it is not appropriate, but goodness your post made me smile. It seemed so yeah I got this cancer, been there done that, had a couple procedures....It all just read so positive and like you are just getting on with it. So I am sending you the best of luck for your treatments and let us know how it is all going.


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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.
I like the sound of what you are planning. This cancer is a particularly nasty one, and if I had it, I would be thinking along your lines I think. I admire anyone who has chemo, but it just seems like such an awful assault on one's system etc. There are people on this site trying different stuff, some in conjunction with chemo. If you type in Geoff in the search bar, he has been having immunotherapy I think.
Where in the world are you by the way?
Much love to you x
Ah ha! I see you have already tracked down his posts, well done!

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I'm in Astoria, Oregon.  I "just happened" to end up in the care of doctors who were associated with the research lab at Providence Portland Hospital, who are very into immune system therapies for cancer.  Besides the OX-40, they've got trials using dendritic cells, but not for cholangio.

Funny you say I sound casual.  My oncologist seems to think I'm a pest!  I don't think he values cancer as a life changing event.

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