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Yesterday me, my daughter, and her fiance went to see the Northwestern, which was docked in Ballard.  We weren't sure exactly where the boat was docked, but found it after driving around the shore for about 15 mintues.  We walked down to the dock, passing some big warehouse-like boat repair facilities, and went right up to the boat.

We were on the dock and heard voices on the boat, so Jason (Jessica's fiance) went on the ladder and poked his head up and asked if we could tour the boat.  Edgar remembered me from the book signing, and had us come up on deck.  We shook hands with Edgar and Jake Anderson, and they let us into the boat.  We saw the galley, the mess, the bunkrooms, and then went up to the bridge.  I got to sit in the captain's seat!  It was awesome.  We then went down and talked to the guys for about 5 minutes.  Jake and Edgar are great guys, down to earth, and not into the celebrity thing at all.  It was pretty cool to met them.

I will post my pics on Facebook. 

One thing off the bucket list!

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Lisa, I would say that wish bucket was full of fish! All sounds great and looking forward to the pictures.


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Sounds great.  I will look for the pixs on Facebook, too.

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Hi Lisa,

What a great visit you must have had to the Northwestern, awesome indeed!!! And you got to go on deck, inside the boat and in the wheelhouse!!! Saw your pics on Facebook, brilliant! You and Edgard and you, Edgar and Jake standing on the deck! Great stuff and very cool as you say! Edgar and Jake sound like great guys for letting you all on the boat and for having their pics taken with you.

The latest season has just started running here in the UK and I am enjoying it a lot! At least I think it's the latest season, the one where the 2 Jakes swap boats for a bit. Although I wouldn't be too keen on doing what they had to do to get back to their own boats!

Glad you had a great day.


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