Topic: notice of blue x insurance battle

hi everyone,  this is for anyone living in the los angeles, ca area.  i just received this from a friend who happens to be living in NZ right now.  i'm going to try to make it.
xoxo, barb

From: "Jerry Flanagan,"  <>
Date: August 4, 2007 6:35:36 AM GMT+12:00
Subject: Double Crossed by Blue Cross? Tell Regulators on Tuesday.

Double Crossed by Blue Cross? Tell Regulators at the Public Meeting  on Tuesday in L.A.

Dear Blue Cross Members & Health Care Reformers,
Has Blue Cross treated you poorly? Not a Blue Cross member but  concerned about what insurance companies are doing to our health  care? Tell regulators at a public meeting next Tuesday, Aug. 7 at  10 am:

Junipero Serra Building, Carmel Room Auditorium
320 West 4th Street in Downtown Los Angeles
Download the meeting announcement here.

This public meeting is part of an on-going investigation to  determine whether Blue Cross violated a 2004 merger agreement which  barred Blue Cross from:

Raising rates to pay-off $5 billion in financing costs and  executive bonuses.
Changing its policies for denying coverage due to so-called "pre- existing conditions."
Retroactively canceling policies when people get sick.
Denying access to medical care.
In addition, the public meeting will look broadly at how Blue  Cross' business practices, and those of other health insurers,  undermine our health care.

Let your voice be heard!

We hope that each of you will attend the public meeting on Tuesday.  Please submit brief written comments to state regulators before the  meeting by email or by fax at (916) 322-2579. Please send a copy of  your comments to FTCR. If you can't make the meeting, please still  email your concerns!

FTCR will hold a protest starting at 9:00 am and a press conference  before the meeting at 9:30 and invites you to attend. Please email  me for more information.

Read more about FTCR's work to hold Blue Cross accountable here.

PLEASE forward this email to your friends, families and colleagues.

Jerry Flanagan