Topic: Any recent experiences with Sorafenib

Hello everyone - I just stumbled into new articles about Sorafenib and CC. They are all fairly recent so the research must have happened within the last 12-24 months.

I find this a bit confusing since we talked to a couple of Dr's running the trial and the experiences had been negative. I always felt a bit odd about this since the number of patients was very small (2-3) o really call a conclusion.

Has anybody tried Sorafenib alone or in combination recently?

Best of luck to all!


Re: Any recent experiences with Sorafenib

My father-in-law has had a CT last sunday ( after 3 months of taking sorafenib ) . When we will have results I'll try to tell you everything what I know . After the first month tumor shrank ( 3mm one and 2mm second )