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Within the last few days, we have lost two more wonderful people that have shared their lives with all of us - Jerry Ferguson and David Hoskins.  Please remember Melissa and Edith and all of their loved ones in your prayers.

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May Jerry and David rest in peace.  God's strength for both families during these sad moments.
Jeff G.

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Sending both families my good thoughts and prayers. I wish I could do or say more.


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I have followed David and Jerry's journey with cancer since I began reading this site, in August, 2005, when my husband was diagnosed.  I am so saddened by this loss--more courageous and wonderful people taken by this horrible disease.  May God give their families the peace and strength they will need to get through this very sad and difficult time.  My prayers are with you all--as well as everyone who continues the battle.  God Bless!

Juanita Uster