Topic: Roller Coaster Ride (Tumor Fever, Low Albumin Levels, Some Swelling)

Dear Fellow Members,

I hope that everyone is well and that people are on a path to recovery.  I have not posted in a while as it certainly has been a roller coaster ride this past month.  After deciding we were going to switch chemo regimens, we had a months rest from beginning of July.  Went traveling and throughout the three weeks my father had fevers around 38.5 degrees each day at lunch.  Phoned docs at home and they said to take SCANOL which they prescribed plenty.  Doctors said might be tumor fever, and that is normal??  Anyone have this before?

After returning home we had check-ups and found his Albumin levels to be low and some swelling at feet.  I was worried sick as some of the posts say swelling at feet sometimes is nearing end.  Stayed in hospital all week and after series of tests, no water retention anywhere, even though stomach is really large.  Father has gained about 5 kilos, and after ultrasound / x-ray of chest, no water found anywhere, and even more strange the ultrasound could not find any visible tumors.  My father is intrahepatic with mutiple tumors on both lobes (MRI in July showed stable disease), but 2 ultrasounds past week could not detect anything.  CA 19-9 still high at 3080, but down from 11,000 in early July when tested on vacation.

We stayed in hospital entire week and had albumin IV done and also first session of AVASTIN / GEMZAR done.  Side effects not too bad, just my dad is quite tired and needs more rest.  Feet sometimes still a bit swollen, but as soon as he has them up the swellling goes away.  Anyone have this experience before? 

Just before being discharged ran one more ultrasound and seems to be stable, so docs say no water retention and weight gain probably due to good appetite.  Am still worried re the swelling and also just worried in general.  This CC sometimes makes you develop paranoia!

Sorry had to rant but needed to get this off my plate.  Hope all of you are ok, I see Jeff G is very cheerful as usual and an inspiration to us all!  Best wishes to all!

Re: Roller Coaster Ride (Tumor Fever, Low Albumin Levels, Some Swelling)

The mental game is really half the battle and I am so sorry that your father had a difficult time and all that worry. Hopefully he is on the mend (both physically and emotionally!).

In my heart I know I was Scarlett O'Hara in another life so I will pass on what I continue to tell myself when I have had a really terrible day..."Tomorrow is another day!" One more chance at feeling slightly less nausous, to feel better and to take another stab at getting the upper hand of this disease. "Tomorrow" offers great hope to me so I pass it on to you and your father..."Tomorrow  is another day!"


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