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Topic: My husband's tumor has recurred

I found this site by searching the web to learn more about this terrible disease.  My husband,Kevin, just 3weeks prior to his 47th birthday, was diagnosed with CC.  Thankfully, it was found to be operable, and an eight hour surgery later, my husband was wheeled into intensive care at City of Hope.  His surgeon had removed the portion of his biliary tree that was choked off by the tumor, as well as his gall bladder.  Clear margins on either side, but concerns about proximity to portal vein. Intestine was resected to restore liver function, and the healing process began.  Kevin came home....I worried so much, he was so weak....and a couple of weeks later, he started an oral Xeloda program in conjunction with radiation treatments.  What a trooper....Kevin tolerated treatment so well...drove himself to radiation, returned to his construction job, and life moved on.

Surgery was a year ago.  Quarterly CT scans have monitored the area, and were clear until July.  A lesion was found in the surgery site, and the biopsy that followed confirmed our fears...the cancer has returned.  We are terrified...and awaiting a plan from the team at City of Hope.  Kevin's vitality has declined substantially in the past weeks, he sleeps alot and is unable to work.  His weight is dropping, his appetite is nearly non existent, he sweats profusely and then has major chills.   He just basically feels like "#$%*."

I am angry, sad, and afraid.  My beautiful husband has a lot of fight in him, but this disease is tearing him down.  I'm happy to have found such an informative sight....so many people who understand and know so much more than I.  Thanks to all who offer their caring and insights...as we await the new treatment plan.


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Dear Shellie,
Best of luck to you and your husband - please keep us posted on his progress and ask some of the informative people here any questions you may have - someone is bound to know the answer, no matter what it is (though it probably won't be me)! It's a terrible thing to go through and there are lots of options out there, so don't give up hope. Try go get him to eat a bit - there are numerous suggestions of how to do that on this board -- and that may just be one small thing to help his spirits AND yours.

Take care of yourself,

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So sorry to hear your husbands cancer has come back. It is such a shock when it happens, particularly if all has been going well. By Mum's CC returned within 6 months, and I was gutted. I so feel for you. I have no advice to give, but am sending you much love.

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Kate, Joyce, and everyone else,
Thank you...from the depths of my being.  We are staying strong and looking forward to surgery Monday.  We feel we are in excellent hands, and are ready to get this behind us so Kevin can feel well again.  Blessings to all who know, and much love as well.