Topic: For those using AHCC

Hi all,

We recently bought 1 bottle of AHCC (30 capsules for around $50) at a local health food store. I'm thinking that we're going to need to take the online route for larger quantities...can anyone recommend an online vendor that they've used in the past? I know they're easy to find thorugh a search engine but I wanted to make sure it's a vendor that other people can possibly vouch for.

Here's to hoping the AHCC helps....


Re: For those using AHCC

Patty has been taking  3 grams of AHCC per day.  Yes,  the healthfood stores are expensive.  We found a place that we get all of our supplements, including IP-6.  You might want to research that also.  Here is the website where we get our supplements. 

Ted and Patty