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Topic: My Husband and heart Jerry Ferguson

The following is the eulogy I gave at my husbands funeral. He passed from this life to the next on August 11th 2007. This website has helped jerry and I tremendously and We are so lucky to have found it. we have been with this website since jerry's diagnose a year and 1/2 a go. You are all truly a blessing to us and you will never know the ways you have touched our lives. I will miss him always.

I stand here before you to talk about a man we all loved very much. Traditionally the wife does not give the eulogy at a funeral but in Jerry and my case we never did anything traditionally in our relationship so we both thought this would be the perfect choice.
    When I first met Jerry he was a regular at the Dunkin Donuts that I worked at, he came in and purchased only a muffin took the paper to one of the tables finished his muffin and left. One morning I asked him

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That was beautiful. I hope you are coping well, you sound like you have a deep spirituality which hopefully helps. I am sending you strength in this difficult time.


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Melissa - I admire your courage and strength to be able to deliver such a beautiful
eulogy at Jerry's service.  May your days ahead be filled with that same comfort and peace.
Love Betty

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Those are beautiful words - much love goes out to you and yours.
- Joyce

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Melissa - this is a beautiful tribute to you husband.  You are in my thoughts. - Colleen

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What a great tribute to you and your husband.  A friend of mine who lost her husband said their relationship during his illness was like falling in love all over again.  I got the same sense from reading your eulogy. 

I am sorry for your loss.