Topic: Ume - Help with stomach ills from Chemo. Acid, nausea etc

Many of us experience stomach and digestive side effects from Chemo and other drugs we are given.  In my case my stomach has become quite acid and I often feel crummy in a way I try to describe to others as feeling like a bad hangover.  (Yup, I was 20something once upon a time)

I do take an Acid Control drug and posted previously about some help with nausea.

Last week my Chinese Medicine practitioner gave me an herb labeled 'Ume Concentrate'.  The only ingredient is Japanese Plumb extract.  It has helped significantly with how I feel related to the acid and hangover crummies.

Ume is very bitter.  It takes pucker power to a higher level.  However I'm able to comfortably take a small dab, no larger then a small pea, on the end of a knife or chop stick.  This same amount can be mixed with hot water as a tea.

It has helped me.