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Today my dad recieved the good news of 'clear scan' as he comes to the end of his chemotherapy on the BILCAP trial. 

Since his whipple in January for extrahepatic cc (7 of 16 lymph nodes involved, clear margins around the tumour, although close to vein), he has had 7 of 8 rounds of Capecitabine (Xeloda).  The only side effects he has had are hand and foot (uses 'Udder Balm' very successfully) and diarrhea, managed with immodium/codeine phosphate (just!).

We are all so very relieved as you can imagine.  From now on I suppose we just need to watch him very carefully for signs of recurrence, but today we celebrate.

The doctor said 'these trials are based on evidence, you know', so really hoping that we have helped get somewhere in the fight against cc.

Best wishes to you all. … act-cancer

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Dear Katja,

What EXCELLENT news!!!! 

Best wishes to you and your family for the future, enjoy the news and celebrate.

Big hugs


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I am so happy for you. Good news indeed. Good thing I told Sue to skootchy over to make room on the cancer free wagon. I knew more people would be joining her. May the clean scans continue.


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Thanks guys,
As long as there's a toilet on that wagon he'll be up like a shot.  Lets hope he can give some more people a hand up...

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Hi Kate,

What great news indeed!!It doesn't really get an better than that! Hoping that the good news continues for your dad and that you all enjoy your celebrations today!

Best wishes to you and your dad,


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I'll skootchy right over for him!!!  Many congrats and welcome to the wagon!!!


Today is a new day. Congratulations, you are already a survivor!