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Topic: Humor will get me through this

my journey started when I was feeling like absolute crap and it was time for my sister and I to go to Weight Watchers.  We both knew the weigh in was NOT going to be pleasant and had decided to go out for a drink afterwards to drown our sorrows wink

I had not been feeling great for the previous several days, but always felt better in the morning, so kept putting off going to the doc.  Well, my sister called me that afternoon to see who was driving to weight watchers.  When I told her I wasn't going she came down to give me what for, looked at me, and loaded up the car to take me to Urgent Care (I thought I was dehydrated, ha!).  Well, Urgent Care is right across from WW, so I said, "why don't you drop me off and you can go weigh in!"

She now says I got cancer on purpose so I could quit WW wink.   We just laugh and laugh, especially since I haven't had anyone telll me I had to eat since I was 10!

I try to make as many jokes as I can, it shocks people sometimes, but they'll live....lol!! 

Our latest is that it is, after all, all about me, finally!!!  for my birthday on Friday a good friend gave me a set of 4 beer steins, they were engraved as follows: "guest 1, it's all about Barb", "guest 2, it's all about Barb", "John (my friend), it's all about Barb", and finally "Barb, it's all about me!"

Since my doc won't let me pick up dog poop or scoop the litterbox (four cats and 2 dogs) my neighbors without pets are using this as a life lesson for their kids, they make their kids do those chores... it's amazing how quickly the kids have stopped bugging their parents for a dog or a cat!

I asked my oncologist if I could drink alcohol (I am Irish Catholic!), his reply?  "As much as possible!"  I love my oncologist!

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I love your style!!! Humor is the way to go!

Now I have to stop responding to all your posts or you'll think I'm stalking you.

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I too made very inappropriate jokes with one of my friends! I was diagnosed in Scotland (I live in Sweden) when I went to be the maid of honour at her wedding. I turned the most vibrant shade of yellow and ended up in the hospital. I DID make it to the wedding though and she joked that I just got cancer to get all the attention at her wedding! Then I ended up staying in Scotland for 4 months, two at her place. So we all joked about me and the newly married couple, threesomes, and whether she would come live with me right after I got married. Then because I had put on 40 pounds during those dark years of PHD study, I was a little plump. But thanks to surgery, loss of appetite, cancer--I lost 25 pounds. So we then joked that I looked good with cancer and that I decided to loose weight the easy way, by getting cancer.

We made some terrible jokes about cancer that if anyone overheard they would think we were horrible people, but it really helped. It is a great way to feel a little more conrol over the situation.


Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

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When I describe my jaundice to friends of my generation I say "remember those really bad QT tans we used to get?  where you needed a brilllo pad to scrub off the orange?" 

And Joyce, respond all you want, I don't think you're stalking smile

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I'm really excited (about something fun for a change!)  I don't know if you all have seen or read the book "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips", it's a keeper.  Anyway, I got an idea from there about putting together a "Cancer Posse".  All those people around me who are helping me through life, keeping me sane, normal, laughing, etc.  So, I've had badges made!  They are gold stars, look like the old west sheriff's badges, and on them they say "Proud Member, The Commander's Cancer Posse"

(I am retired Navy and have been "The Commander" for years.  I predict these will be the fashion statement of the season.