Topic: worried and distressed 22yr old daughter

Hello everyone,

My dad has just been diagnosed with CC. Everything is pretty preliminary right now, he's had a biopsy and the doctors discussed his options. My dad does not want to have any treatment. The doctors offered chemo embilzation, my dad says all the procedures are too invasive and he doesn't want to be sick for his last days. He has no symptoms, he is not juandice or anything. They gave him six months.

I was wondering since this is my first research on this disease and I was led to this site. Does anyone have any information. The doctors said it is inoperable, incurable, and not transplantable. The location of the tumor is bad etc.   ????

I have been reading all of your stories and testimonies, I am so sorry. I will keep everyone expiriencing this horrible time in my prayers.

It is so comforting to know that there is something like this site out there!