Topic: Is this the end stage for my mom?

Hello.  My mom was diagnosed with CC about 6 months ago.  We tried 2 chemotherapy treatments but neither worked so she wants to stop the treatments because they only make her feel worse.  In the past 2 months her condition seems to have become worse so fast.  She now only sleeps and doesn't have energy to do anything except go to the bathroom.

She keeps asking me what is going to happen and I have no answers for her.  I pretty much break down when she asks me.  Her doctors and nurses are wonderful but I feel like they don't want to tell us what it will really be like.  If anyone can tell me what end stage is like for CC I would be so grateful.

Re: Is this the end stage for my mom?

Hi Maria and we are so sorry about what you and your Mom are going through.
Do you not have a Hospice Care Program? You might ask your doctor if he knows of any one who will come in and help your Mom through this journey. I would also   ask him if he can give you any booklets on the subject of dying that could help. Last but far from least you really need to know what is going on. You cannot begin to help your mom without knowing what is happening to her. One more thought. Go online to Hospice Programs and see if any have a listing of what to expect. Good luck and please keep us posted.

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Re: Is this the end stage for my mom?

Hello marina and welcome to our site.  I am sorry to hear that your Mom is not responding to her treatments and I agree with Lainy in that you should consider looking into the services that hospice provides.  Progression of the disease differs greatly from person to person therefore; the experiences shared on this site also vary greatly.  Reading up on some of the previous threads in this particular category you have chosen to post in.  (Supportive, Palliative & Hospice Care) may be of particular help to you.  And please, remember to stay with us.  The members on this site are the most caring and kind people and they will be with you all the way.
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Re: Is this the end stage for my mom?

Hi Marina,

Welcome to the site, although I am sorry that you had to find us and also that your first post is in the section of the site. And I am also sorry to hear how your mum is doing and that she is not responding to her chemo treatment. I so agree with Lainy and Marion about looking into hospice care and the services that they provide as I am sure that they would be able to help both you and your mum here.

Marion is right when she says that progression of this disease differs from one person to another, so all I can do is talk about my dads experiences . I lost my dad to CC last December and I posted quite a lot about what he went through. He entered hospice care here in Scotland last December and here is a thread that may be of use to you. … hp?id=3623

Please feel free to ask me anything specific and I will help if I can. And also I know that the great members here will be here for you to offer support and help in any way that they can, so please feel free to come back as much as you want. We know what you are going through and how you feel right now.

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