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Night before last I was going outside to feed my outdoor dogs, my hand were full so I thought I was walking very carefully.  The next thing I know I tripped and fell.  I screamed, when I realized there was no one inside to hear me, and my next door neighbor, maybe didn't hear me.  I turned over on my back, hurting in the abdomine, and other delicate places.  Finally bugs started to notice that supper was here I guess and started crawling on me so I managed to get up.  That's lonely when there's no one there to hear your scream.  If Wayne had been inside he could have at least called  911.  My daughter called a little while later I asked what if I hadn't answered, she said she would tried again, so I asked again what if I hadn't answered she said I would have turned my car around and went to my house to see if she could find out.  She asked where was my cell phone, I told her I left it inside, so she fussed at me.  So last night when I had to do something last I brought my cell phone with me.  I had my PJ's on, so the only place was inside my panties, but I least I was safe.  We've all had to learn the some old things in all new ways.

Love to my Wayne for 36 years
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Oh Terry,

Your post reminded me that shortly after Jim passed away I had several "accidents".   Tripping, falling etc.  Luckily, so far, nothing I couldn't deal with.  I think we are just so distracted by our circumstances that we aren't thinking clearly or being careful enough.  I so often think what will happen now that Jim is not here to help and take care of me.  Some days I even think "who cares what happens, what difference does it make anyway".  We always thought we would be here for each other, no matter what and now we are coping with everything alone.  sad  I was also told to keep my cell with me, but I figure with my luck I would fall on it and break it or it would go flying out of reach.  smile  I think you are right, we have to learn some new ways and also be more careful and cautious.  It sure does make you feel more vulnerable and makes you think more about how to do things.  Last fall I hit a deer and had to deal with it on my own, and amazingly I handled it all on my own, with the help of my cell phone.  smile  I guess we are stronger than we think we are.   I am glad you managed and are OK.  Realistically I know that life goes on, but it sure will never be the same again, will it?  Take care Terry.

Thinking Of You,

"One Day At A Time"

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Re: fallen and can't get up


My mom went through some of the same situations after my dad passed away.  He died in 1996, so it was before cell phones were as popular as they are now.  She was so worried about what would happen if her car would break down.  Now my mom is gone.  I often wonder about what would I do if something happens to my husband.  I have 2 children, and really have no one else.  My parents and grandparents are gone.  It is a frightening feeling.  Life certainly changes, and it can be so difficult sad.


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It's so tough eh. I had a similar experience. I was cycling in NY around 1000pm, winter and got into a very bad accident (broke my helmet...) I lay on the ground, injured, no one came to help. I eventually got up and made it home. My face was white with the salty tears i cried so much. I've never felt so alone - rather - been so aware of how alone I am in this world without my beloved Jim. I often think I could die and no one would notice for days, weeks who knows, who cares.