Topic: bile duct obstruction - PTC with external drains

My dad was diagnosed in 12/06 from GB removal.  Had a liver resection with clear margins and no lymph involvement in 3/07.  Removed bile ducts, duodenum, lymphs and 2 liver sections.   Recently had pain and elevated bilirubin and alk phos.  It was determined that he had a bilary obstruction.  The obstruction is at the site of surgery where the bowel was pulled up and sewn to the liver.   There is also a 2ndary obstruction in the right lobe.  So, they did a PTC to place 2 external drains.  When they tried to internalize the drain - they found that the obstruction at the liver/bowel wouldn't allow for the draining of 2 "tubes".  Today he had a failed attempt to place a "balloon" to hold the space open.  The brushings came back inconclusive from pathology so we do not know if this is recurrance or scar tissue.  We are being told since it is the surgical site - it could be either.

So, my questions -
1.  Has anyone else had this procedure?
2.  Were they successful at getting the drain internal?
3.  Does anyone have the external drains permanently - if so, any advice?
4.  Has anyone had the balloon approach - and has it worked?
5.  Does anyone have these obstructions due to scar tissue and NOT recurrance?

Just looking for some shared experiences.  I appreciate any info or advice.