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I just found this out.

If you are newly diagnosed, leave your job, and get on COBRA, you MUST submit a written "Determination of Disability" form from Social Security within 60 days to your plan administrator.  If you do not submit this federally required piece of paperwork, you will be denied an 11 month extension of coverage after your initial 18 month period of coverage is over.

Yes, it is ridiculous.  Because I did not submit a piece of paperwork to the plan administrator, I have been denied an extension of coverage even though I am still disabled, still on Social Secuity, and still unable to work.

Why oh why do we have to wait 24 months to get on Medicare?  It's ridiculous.  Why oh why is there a six month period between the expiration of COBRA and the beginning of Medicare?  Is it simply because they want us to die? 


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Drats!  And why did the Employer or Insurance Company not provide you with this information????

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Apparently it was on line 65 of page 12 of the information packet that was sent to me.

I think this falls under the category of "things we don't want you to know but are required by federal law to inform you."

Re: IMPORTANT COBRA information are people supposed to read and understand this enormous amount of information?  Is there any way that you can fight this?


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Marion, I actually found the paragraph that reference this. I think that it is worthy to fight.  I am going to write my congressman about this.  To me it looks like a "timely manner" would be before the expriation of the 18 month initial period.  Here is the relevant paragraph:

Disability extension of 18 month period of continuation coverage

[b]If you or any other qualified beneficiary in your family who I receiving 18 months of continuation coverage is determined by the Social Security Administration to be disabled and you notify Ceridian in writing in a timely fashion, you and your entire family may be entitled to receive an additional 11 months of COBRA continuation coverage for a total maximum of 29 months.  The disability would have to have started at some time before the 60th day of COBRA continuation coverage and must last at least until the end of the 18 month period of continuation coverage.  The qualified beneficiary must provide the written determination of disability from the Social Security Administration to Ceridian within 60 days of the latest of the date of the disability determination by the Social Security Administration, the date of the initial qualifying event or the benefit termination date due to the initial qualifying event; and prior to the end of the 18 month COBRA continuation period.  You will be required to pay up to 150 percent o the group rate during the 11 month extension.  If the qualified beneficiary is determined by the Social Security Administration to no longer be disabled, you must notify Ceridian of that fact within 30 days after Social Security

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This is just one more stumbling block, huh?  After reading that, I think you are right.  As long as you apply for the extension before the end of the initial 18 month period and supply them the determination info they are asking for, you should be good.  I will be hoping that this is the case.  Dealing with CC is more than enough without all these other hassles.  Good Luck Lisa.

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