Topic: ECX Chemo

Hi All,

Sorry i haven't posted anything for a while.

Well we had some BRILLIANT news the ECX Chemo has reduced the tumor from 13 cm to 8 cm. The unfortunate thing is he has been taken off this Chemo just after his 3rd cycle as he was taken into hospital very ill. They said they couldnt carry on otherwise it would kill him, so we had to wait for the Ct scan results which seemed like forever (but worth the wait now as it was good news).

He has now started a new treatment as he hasn't had any for over 6 weeks. The treatment is called Carboplatin apparently it is expensive so had to wait for the ok, which we received the day after Ct results so very pleased. This treatment is supposed to be very good according to Dr Askal.

He had has first treatment yesterday which took approx 1 hour 40 mins which is a blessing compared to last treatment lasting over 8 hours. He has got to have the next treatment in 3 weeks time and carry on like that until further notice.

Will keep you posted, thinking of you all and hope everyone is doing well.


Re: ECX Chemo

Hi Kristy and many thanks for this wonderful update. I sincerely hope he stays the course now and it is indeed a good day to read your news!