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I recently applied to Cancer Research UK to be a Campaigns Ambassador & was accepted!!  We go to Parliament on Wednesday 3rd November to lobby our MPs.  Sadly, my MP won't be in Westminster that day, but they're trying to find me another MP to lobby; if they can't, I'll just go along & join in the lobby anyway smile

They asked for a photo of me, with the Westminster Lobby sign, standing by a local sign or landmark - I submitted them yesterday & I'm now on the lobby map (I'm "Julia, Hornsey & Wood Green").  I'll post a link at the bottom; if the first link just takes you to a generic google map, with no list of Ambassadors down the side, try the second link & you'll see a smaller version of the lobby map, with an option underneath it to go to a larger map.

They've told me they can't target any particular cancer specifically, as they are working for all cancers, but I was able to get a reference to CC as my caption & I'm so proud. … urce=embed

or … nextlobby/

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Well done Julia!

Given 'em hell on November 3rd - I'll look forward to seeing you on the news that day!

love Val xxx

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Julia, that is beyond words!! You go girl, we are very proud of you!!!!

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Julia.....I am thrilled to hear this. You are making a difference in the world named cancer. 
Would you or Val make sure to send us the news link, please.
Big hugs


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Good job Julia!  That was my favorite pix, too.

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Well done, Julia!


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Thanks Julia! I cant wait to see how this all turns out.


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Hi Julia,

So you should be proud, we are too, well done!!!

Andrea x

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Look forward to watching the news that day..... for once!!!

Keep up your good work in raising the profile.

Much encouragement,

Katie smile

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Hi Julia,

Great stuff indeed! You give em hell! I know you will do a great job here and I loved your pic by the station! I like your strat!egy if they don't give you an MP to lobby, just grab one indeed! I'm sure there will be a load of them going around!

I so look forward to hearing much more about this.



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Thank you all so much - I so desperately want to help before I pop with the frustration of feeling so helpless.  It makes me even prouder to read your wonderful comments.

Glenda Jackson, MP for nearby Hampstead & Kilburn, has agreed that I may join her Ambassador at their meeting.  As a newbie, it'll be great for me to be supporting someone in the first instance, then I'll be more comfortable being let loose on my own wink

I'll keep you updated & will post pictures if I can.


“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." - Ralph Waldo Emerson