Topic: Radiotheraphy and Bile levels

I know I'm  clutching at straws but I was wondering if anyone had had Radiatheraphy whilst bilirubin was high? and if so what sort?

My Dad has been told chemo is not longer an option as his stents are blocked, he has an external drain but it is only draining 200-300ml per day.  I was wondering if this would be an option, whilst Dad is still feeling well enough to have treatment.

We have made a referral for Cyberknife but this will probably be to late as Dad has been given 3-4 months and the process will probably take that long.  If Radiotheraphy would work I'm sure we could travel to an NHS hospital in the UK.

Thanks and best wishes

Devoted Daughter to the most wonderful Dad a girl could ask for.  Sadly lost his battle on 19.02.11, peacefully in the arms of Mom and I.  As requested by Dad "we will keep on smiling".

Re: Radiotheraphy and Bile levels

Hi Andie:  I am in a similar situation with my daughter's dad Rick who is 13 months post diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma (extrahepatic) stage 4 metastasized to liver with multiple inoperable tumors.    He did remarkably well on palliative doses of gemzar and cisplastin for the first eleven months.  He had three metal stents placed and they can do no more nor can they be removed.  The next step if necessary is external drainage. My Rick  began to be resistant to initial chemo so second line chemo was given (5FU) with no response...then third line CPT 11 was given and initially we thought it might be holding off the growth but his C19 doubled to 11,000 last week.  I spoke today with a radiation oncologist who is part of our church and he said he had spoken with staff at CMPC in San Francisco about using IMRT around the stents to help with stopping tumor growth and subsequent blockage.  I realize your dad has external drainage but look at Gavin's post on IMRT on June 28th and read that article.  It is worth the shot in the dark...I understand some of what you are going through and wish you and your dad the best. Keep searching and researching... Take care, Gaye

P.S. If anyone has any feedback or ideas on the above post regarding my Rick...I would love to hear from you.  He is 13 months out now from diagnosis and they gave him 2 months initially.  We have been blessed and he has had great medical care, support and a positive, fighting spirit and faith.  Thinking of all of you facing this difficult journey.  God Bless! Hello Marion!!