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Is anyone on here taking apricot seeds? I heard of someone else who is taking them and wondering what others' experience might be.


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Andy uses them in his protocol.


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Ok, I am revisiting this post. I originally posted because I had heard anecdotally of someone with cc who had been treated with apricot seeds, and I believe other natural supplements, with success. I have taken steps to encourage this person to join our forum as I don't think this person is currently on here but I can't force anyone to join so, being a librarian, I started snooping around to see what I could find on apricot seeds.

If you look up apricot seeds and cancer on the Internet a million things come up. Here is a link that helps explain the history behind this treatment: … ealth.html

And a Dr. Harold Manner did some research work in the 1970s:


p.s. As you can see, our helpful Kris was the only responder to my original post, how I miss her voice on here.

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Hi Patty.

Thanks for this and the links, very interesting. I did a quick google search for apricot seeds cholangiocarcinoma in quotes and it didn;t come up with anything. But yes you are so right in that if you search for apricot seeds cancer without quotes then about 960k sites are thrown up! Many thanks for the 2 links you have given us. That would be great if the person you talk of would join us all and could share their experiences of using these seeds and other supplements together.

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Hi have read about cancer patients using it, but have no personal experience.