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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

Two days ago Teddy's Morphine was increased to 200mg twice a day with a breakthrough of 50mg as needed. Yesterday was our worst day yet as we had trouble getting the pain under control in the morning. That is OK now and the Nurse ordered him  an electric mattress that is much firmer than the Hospital one and it mas a massaging motion. Fabulous for his back pain! BUT, we can't get rid of the dreams (most are weird) and I notice when I check on him that he is even dreaming with his eyes open. When I see that I wake him up. He says he is actually seeing these dreams happen in the room.  He is on Haldol (sp) and until 2 days ago did pretty good with it. It just doesn't seem to be working anymore. Any suggestions? He is not getting much sleep day or night with these intruders!


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Hi Lainy,

No suggestions, but may be others will be able to help out.  I hope you will get some suggestions soon and Teddy will be able to sleep without all these strange dreams interfering.  Know that I am thinking of the two of you a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Love & Hugs,

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Hi Lainy,

Happy Thanksgiving to you, T and the rest of your family! I am sure that the new massaging mattress will work wonders for Teddy's back, my dad had a mattress that had a similar motion and he liked it a lot. I'm glad to hear that you were able to get Teddy's pain under control and I hope that the new doseage of Morphine does the job here.

If the Haloperidol was working before, but is not working so much now then maybe the dose could be increased? Perhaps that is something that you could discuss with the nurse or docs about. Or maybe there is another med like Haloperidol that Teddy could try? These intruders need to be stamped on big time so that Teddy can get some sleep!

Thinking of you both and I hope that you both have a great day with the family.



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So sorry to hear you and Teddy are going through a tough time, and I wish so much that I could help as you make so many peoples life easier with your knowledge.  I really hope someone will be able to help.
Thinking of you both Frances

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My dad had crazy nightmares when he woke up from a coma... They gave him Haldol and it did little, so they gave him a much larger dose, which caused him to sleep for two days. Can they up the Haldol slightly?

The dreams, rather what my dad thought was reality ,was worse than when he was just peacefully in a coma. I took it really hard. My dad thought people were out to kill my sister and I, so he would wake up and freak out and want us to leave the room.

I hope something works.