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Just like David Cook my husband is now having stent problems just weeks after being told he was doing great! His bilirubin jumped to 6 on Weds along with chills and fever so we are headed to Columbus on Mon for a stent change a few weeks ahead of schedule. I wish they could just take the blasted thing out. I keep fearing that it's problems with the stent, infection, blockage etc that will kill him and not the cancer! It's very frustrating because the Docs actually want to put in a metal one and we're cpmpletely opposed to that. I do believe that diet really affects the longevity of the stents. Anyone dealing with these ought to avoid dairy and any high fat foods. My husband did better when he was watching his diet more. He's been pretty bad about some things lately and this is the price he's paying!! Mainly vegetarian with very little meat, and dairy is best. Have a good weekend everybody!  Mary

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I am sorry to hear about your husband.  My father, David Cook, has problems with the stents also, his liver was FULL of fluid and he had an infection. They are now draining the liver.  The inserted another tube in his abdomen.  Yes, painful ordeal.  He is still very weak and hardly eating but overall should recover from this 'set back'   Hopefully, he regain his strength soon.

I hope your husband gets better as well and his case is not as drastic as my father's.


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Thanks Celoi. I hope your Dad is better soon. I think maybe your Dad and my husband have a lot in common as far as diagnosis etc. I hate to see your Dad having problems. My husband had an abcess and very seious infection a year ago that had to be drained and it was very difficult. What caused your Dad's problems? Was it from his external drain? Take care and best wishes for your Dad's quick recovery. Mary

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Wishing best for the men in your lives, Mary and celoi. Hope they get some relief.


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Thank you Kris.

Hi Mary, I am unsure of the 'cause'.  Drs do not know either. When we ask question(s the drs do not know, they greatest explanation I have heard is, "Well as a "cancer" patient, he is different from you and I"  (OK)   Instead of just saying "I don't know"-  The drs are only human!

Anyway, the dr advised us yesterday fluid/infection is outside of the liver area.  They named the infection.  (I can't remember) but advised they are giving him the correct antibiotic for it.  They will give him a strong (spellling unsure) penicilum when they send him home.  He did eat a little this morning.  Hopefully, he continue to get strong and come home.
About 1 year ago, he had an unknown infection and they inserted a tude in his chest area and it was drained.  They stated it was a foreign infection. My family and I, upon our return from Aruba, we went to his home right from the airport.  I am unsure if we carried 'germs' on our clothing..but any rate he bounced back from that.

I hope all goes well with your husband tomorrow.

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Mary, It's Monday and I'm thinking about you and your Hubby.  I hope the stent replacement goes okay and and he is feeling well soon.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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He is feeling better than last week but not because of the stent replacement. We left home at 5 AM today for our 2 1/2 hour drive. He asked whether I wanted to drive or him and since I knew I would have to drive home and he would get a nice nap at the hospital I told him to, at least for awhile. I almost leaned over to look at the gas gauge before we left but instead laid my seat back for a little snooze. About one hour down the road he started pulling over and had a little outburst of mild profanities. Here he had meant to get gas a few miles from home but completely zoned out!! We were listening to a Dean Koontz audio book and he just never thought about gas again until it was too late! Needless to say by time we were able to get help to us it was too late to make it in time so he's rescheduled for Weds. I'm driving!! Got to have a sense of humor!
   Thanks for asking Jeff. I'm sure things will be fine. I think his stent has unclogged a little because he isn't as jaundiced.These things are a pain to deal with but I guess a necessary evil. I hope things continue to go well with you. Take care. Mary