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Topic: Mum i love you

My mother my friend, i love you so,
I only wish, you didn't have to go.
You have shown me love, given me strength,
for your family,you go to any length

I only wish i could have you forever,
and this feeling i have would happen never.
I cant say how much i truly love you,
but i am sure you already do.
Your my best friend,you gave me life,
you are the most wonderful mother,Aunt,sister and wife.

I know that things seem so hard to take,
we will fight to the end,as that's the promise we made.
you are an inspiration to all you know,
you will be in our hearts forever, we won't let you go.

Mum i love you

Re: Mum i love you

That is just beautiful.

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Re: Mum i love you

Thank you for sharing that beautiful poem about your mom. Blessings, Susan

Re: Mum i love you

i just read this back for the first time since posting it.  Think i was in a daze when i wrote it, as if it was someone within giving me the words to say.  I know that makes me sound very strange,haha.  I am normal.......honest!!

What a horrible way life has for so many good people.  we, the fighters, carers, the survivors have the knowledge, and insight to try and help others with any slight symptom to change this disease. Maybe im just talking out of annoyance and frustration, but i truly believe that there must be someway this can researched much more and 1 day become less of a silent disease.......heres hoping xx

Re: Mum i love you

You don't sound strange at all.  You sound like a daughter who loves her mom & truly appreciates the gift you've been given.  As a mother, there is nothing greater in the world.  I'm sure your mother couldn't be prouder of you.  I wish from the bottom of my heart that you have many, many more years to spend with your mom.  I know how my daughters feel when they think of losing me, and it's not a feeling I would wish on anyone.  Likewise, the thought of leaving my girls is heart-wrenching and the reason that losing this battle isn't an option for me.  I'm sure your mom feels the same way.  My only advice is to make every second the two of you have together as special as you can.  None of us know or can control the future, but we can control today, so spread the love every chance you can.  My wish for you is that God shines on you and gives you the gift of your mom for many years ahead.  You & your family are in my prayers.  Please tell your mom that I said to fight & fight hard.  Persistence is the key to success.  Please keep us posted.

Re: Mum i love you

Truly a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing. I am going to tell my mom the same.... To fight and fight hard. This is still very new to me. I'm coping the best I can and need to be strong for my mom and my kids. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Re: Mum i love you

yes i will be getting my mum to fight hard.  she is trying her best, and i am sure with the support from her family , we will push her on when her strength is waning.  It is so horrible that we all have to be here, but great also to have the support of people who truly understand.

My thoughts and best wishes are with you all


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Re: Mum i love you

Thinking of you & your mom today Chelle.  Hope things are going well.  If you need anything, please send out a shout.  I'm always checking on here & will help in any way I can.  Please stay strong.  Looking forward to hearing some good news from you.

Kim xxxxxx right back at cha