Topic: Help - Recommendation for ONC in Indy or Cincinnati Area

My mother was diagnosed 12.10 with cc stage four intrahepatic with mulitple liver tumors, pancreatic lesions, gallbladder tumors and lymph involvement. Two drains have been placed, one through the gallbladder to drain bile and another through the liver into the biliary duct to attempt to drain bile. She is to see the local oncologist this week who is recommending Gemzar and Zeloda to see if the tumors can be reduced to open up some other ducts. He has only seen two patients with cc in the past year.

We;ve been referred to IU Medical Center and St. Francis in Indianapolis for the ERCP, MRCP and PTHC.

Can anyone recommend an experienced cc oncologist in Indianapolis or Cincinnati?

We are running out of time and options.

Thank you!