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Hi all,
I recently had routine bloodwork done for life insurance, and the only high number I have is for GGT. When I looked it up, it said it referred to liver or BILE DUCT disease. My level was 116 and normal is supposed to be under 65. There are no other indications of anything wrong, and I'm not a worrywart, but I'm a bit concerned since my mother had BDC. I've never heard anyone mention GGT levels, but hear a lot about ALT or something. Anyone have knowledge, or does anyone track, GGT levels? Thanks-

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This is what I found on the net..
Elevated GGT levels indicate that something is going on with your liver but not specifically what. In general, the higher the level the greater the

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Thanks Cherryle,
I also did some Internet searching and it seems elevated GGT doesn't really mean anything - there are a bunch of frantic, panicked people asking online doctors what it means to have high GGT and as long as the other levels are okay, it usually doesn't mean anything. I never drink because it gives me migraines, but I took a headache pill before my blood test, so that's probably what caused the levels.

Thanks for your response