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I called my father today to see if he wanted to spend the day together tomorrow.  He's in the mid-stages of dementia, and it's his 70th birthday, so I thought it'd be fun for us to hang out, go to lunch, etc.  Anyway, when I called his answering machine picked up.  The answering machine that used to have my mother's voice on it.  Well, he got new cordless phones and I guess when he unplugged the answering machine, it defaulted back to the generic message that comes on the machine.  I'm so sad that my Mom's voice isn't on there anymore!!!!

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So sorry Kimmie. But that brings up an interesting dilema. My message machine has my voice and Teddy's saying, "This is Lainy...This is Teddy, leave a message when you're ready!".  My question is do people get offended?


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I think that this will lead to some great discussions.  This is what I believe....will it bother some people - most likeley it will. Will it bother others....most likely not.  Personally, I love hearing my husband's voice and others have adapted to it.  Hearing his voice can make me sad or it can make me happy.  As time has gone on though, I find comfort when hearing  his voice.  I leave my options open however, for the present (it has been four years, so far) the recording will stay.
How do others feel about this?


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We lost my dad in November.  He has a funny phone recording on his cell that says he doesn't know where is phone is at and for that matter he doesn't know where he is at but leave a message and he will call back and get it all sorted out.  We want to record this before we disconnect his cell phone.  Sometimes I can call his phone and play it sometimes it is too sad.  I believe it is fine to continue to use a recording as long as you are comfortable with it.  I have heard it is also good for home security to have a male voice on your answering machine.

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I agree with Marion and Pam.  If you are comfortable leaving it on and it brings you comfort  then that's all that matters.  And yes, it is also a good idea from a security stand point.


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One of my biggest regrets is not having my Mom's voice recorded.  It was on her office phone for the longest time and I would call it at night just to hear her voice.  I would give anything to have a recording of her.....


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Kim, I am so sorry :-((. I remember when I disconnected Mom's cell phone and her voice was gone, I was so sad! That was the point that it seemed so final. I am so sorry :-((.
Lainy, If I were you, I would cherish your message forever and ever!!!
Love, Amy

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Dear Kim,
I understand completely, and I agree with Marion that for some people the voice of your loved one will always be cherished, and while it may bring pain, it brings remembrance and love.

The 4 year anniversary of my mother's death is almost here, and I sometimes watch the videos my dear friend made of her daily interactions with my daughter. At the time we didn't know how precious those videos would be -- he was mainly just filming my daughter as she grew up. She was 4 (now 8) when Grandma Fifi died and she still won't watch the videos because she is still deeply upset by her favorite person's disappearance. And though I cry every time I watch those videos, it also makes me happy because it's all I have left of my mom and I can experience her goofy humor and crazy expressions and dancing all over again.

Peace to you - and I hope you find some consolation in the memories.

Joyce M

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I'm going to be honest.  I would probably not leave it on my phone.  I would attempt to make a recording that I could keep, but I think it could make others uncomfortable -- at least after a bit of time.  However, you can't always go by me.  I am not one to surround myself with things that make me too melancholy and I think that is what would happen.  But -- this is just my opinion -- I also believe in doing whatever works for you!

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