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Hi all,

I had an idea that perhaps would help in getting our message across to a lot of people, even if it was only for a day or so. I'm sure that everyone here uses Google every day, I know I use it a lot each day. And if you do use Google then I'm sure also that you know that Google sometimes changes it's homepage to tie in with celebratory days such as Christmas, St Patricks day and days that are importnat in each country as well, such as St Andrews day here in Scotland. And I think I remember Google putting the pink ribbon on it's homepage during breast cancer awareness month. So I was thinking that it would be great if Google could put something on their search page to help with CC awareness month, even if only for a day as I think that if they could do that then a lot of Google users worldwide would wonder what the logo represented and it would generate some interest in those who had not heard of CC? Was just a thought I had, what do others think?


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Great idea Gavin!

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