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Last night while visiting with my mother in the local hospice care center, a nurse informed us that mom may be discharged from the facility.  The nurse stated that since they have her pain and nausea under control there is nothing more they can do.  WHAT???  I thought hospice was for assisting at the end stage of life.  We admitted her to the facility to have her stay comfortable, not be cured.  My mom is on a 75mg fentanyl patch and has 10mg of liquid morphine every 2-4 hours for breathing difficulty.  She is so weak that she can barely move from bed to bedside potty (even with assistance) without being totally exhausted.  This is the last thing we need to deal with at this time.  She has been in the center for 4 weeks tomorrow, and has continued to weaken.  Any suggestions?

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I can't believe a nurse would tell you this off the cuff! You certainly don't need a casual surprise stress moment!   I'm sure that nurse wasn't suppose to do that!  Lanne,  if your mom is comfortable there, I'd schedule a meeting with her doctor and the faculty manager to discuss her medical condition and opitions for staying.  I'd certainly review their policy beforehand.  I'd be afraid, however, that if she is allowed  to stay, your mom would not receive the same care.  I hope that wouldnt happen!  I'd discuss her continued good care with the faculty manager, too.  I'm sorry this has happened to your mom and your family.


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Thank you Pam.  I don't mean to rant and rave about it.  I'm just hurt that we have to deal with this now.  My mom is a sweet, easy-going person and has been an exemplary patient. I can't believe this would even be an issue at this point.

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Awe, that breaks my heart.  You are not ranting and raving.  I'm sure when others see your post there will be a firestorm of responses.  I don't know which state you are in, but it may boil down to funding.  My dad was in Mississippi and there was an inpatient care faculty in our area, but we could only use it for reprise care (5 days or less).  The only way someone could stay there was if there were no family at all.   Almost impossible to get in.  Take care and I'll be thinking of you and your mom.

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Lanne, I am horrified! I am collecting a case against our big Hospice here because of the care they did NOT give Teddy. Like he was on 350grams of Morphine every 12 hours with breakthrough every hour of 175 mg. They did not give it to him and it was a nightmare. I vowed NO one will ever go like he did. There was a whole lot more that you can find in my posts.
I would run, don't walk to the Hospice Director. Before you go look up and have ready another Hospice in your area. I would also call her Doctor and see what he says. Not real sure I would leave your Mom there. Is there any way Mom can have Home Hospice Care? Honestly I am sorry I didn't keep him home, I realized too late I could have done it. Good luck!

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Re: Kicked Out??? has been mentioned please, speak with the physician as he or she must sign the order for release.  I am in agreement with the others that Hospice needs to be contacted although; your Mom's physician may also make these arrangements.  Additionally, you might want to speak with the social worker at the hospital.
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