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I had the honor and privilege to go to Kris' Memorial Service this past Saturday in South Carolina.  I was even more lucky to have my sister with me as she had also corresponded with Kris before, and has posted on this board as well.  The three of us were the Carolina girls with the Clemson/Carolina rivalry going, and we all had poked at each other about it, but always in fun. 
It was a difficult service for everyone, but one thing that kept coming through, from her friends, her family, and from Hans, was how much Kris enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest, and how much fun she had living her life.  Each person that spoke, at one point or another, broke out in laughter telling a Kris story, which in turn made everyone laugh, nodding our heads as we all seemed to be thinking the same thing, 'that's so Kris'.  One of the gifts (of which there are many) we are left with from Kris is that this amazing, generous, thoughtful, extremely brave, funny person that came through in her posts, was actually how and who she really was.
I was extremely honored to be able to meet Hans and spent some time talking to him.  He seemed genuinely happy to meet just one of the many people that are forever changed for having gotten to know Kris through this board, even though most of us never met her face to face, but because of her gift of sharing herself on this board, we all felt we knew her.
In speaking with her mother and her sister, they shared that until Kris passed, and after seeing all the posts from so many members, they had no idea what an impact Kris made on this board.  They knew she posted on here but not to what extent the difference she made to so many, encouraging, informing, finding humor, consoling us all.
There was a celebration of her life following the service that included a wonderful slide show that Kris's sister Andrea had made.  She also included in the slideshow, posts from this board that people left after Kris passed.  You couldn't help but smile looking at all these pictures of Kris' life, seeing her smile in every single one.  There was also a ton of food and a wonderful dessert table with a chocolate fountain.  I don't know if this was at Kris's request but it made her celebration of life seem more like a party.   What a way to remember such a very very special person, that Kris Jurgens.
Kris' urn had a butterfly on it, and Hans placed a jeweled butterfly next to her after he spoke. 
I am forever changed.

- Suzanne

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Dearest Suzanne....Kris has given so much to us all.  She will continue to enlighten this board with her loving, kind, and humorous thoughts and ideas, as she had the ability to touch each and everyone in a very special way; so very unique to Kris. 
To say that she is missed can't even come close in describing the hole she has left in my heart.
Thank you so very much, Suzanne for being there for her. 
Love and hugs,


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Suzanne, thank you so very much for attending Kris's Celebrations of Life and telling us about it in such a beautiful way. Kris was one of a kind, an awesome one of a kind and she is missed every day. We are very lucky to have all her postings that will help many for many years to come. She is our own special Butterfly.

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Suzannegm wrote:

... one of the many people that are forever changed for having gotten to know Kris through this board, even though most of us never met her face to face, but because of her gift of sharing herself on this board, we all felt we knew her.

Suzanne - thank you, thank you for keeping us in touch with Kris with such a wonderful post.  When you wrote the quote above, it made me feel I was actually there - as one of the many people who never met Kris but knew her through her posts & miss her very much.

Julia x

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Thank you so much for this Suzanne. What a way indeed to remember a very very special person.


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