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does anybody have experience of treatments for metastasised cc to lypmh nodes and lungs that have proved effective? - my dad has been offered gemcitabine + carboplatin.  Carboplatin is the 'equivalent' of cisplatin apparentely - we wanted cisplatin and i want to make sure that we are not being offered a cheaper inferior version.  does anyone have experience of carboplatin?

I notice from alot of the postings that alot of you are having avastin - they are reluctant to give it here in the UK because of cost - is it true that it is a 'wonderdrug'? - does anyone have experience/more info on this? should it be given in conjunction with the chemo?

we have not been given an optimistic outlook "at best chemo will give an extre 2-3 months IF it works - 1 in 4 chance of it working".. this seems hard to reconcile with some of the successes being reported on this site.. marianne i think you mentioned that mark is on oxylplatin rather then cisplatin because trial data showed a more favourable response, do you have a link or further info on that?

if anybody does have experience of mets to lungs i would really appreciate any advice/info you might have

thanks everybody

PS - Kelly - great news - good luck with the surgery

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Jules, you want to talk with Tricia.  I believe she had mets in the lungs.  Mark is on Oxaliplatin for that reason - I'm answering because Marianne is out of town, but hopefully she will answer as well.

There was one study that found that the response with Gem/Oxaliplatin was slightly higher than Gem/Cisplatin (but they are all in the platin family so similar).  Avastin has worked for Mark and our oncologist is a believer.  He said it doesn't work at all by itself but that it has been shown to be a proven chemo booster in that wherever it is used (on whatever kind of cancer they've tried) it boosts the effects of the chemo.

Valerie is also on Avastin with the same regimen as Mark and having shrinkage.

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Jules just one more thing.  Our oncologist has told us that he feels we should continue with the Avastin no matter what kind of chemo switch we make in the future.  Studies have shown that the cancer doesn't grow resistant to the Avastin as it does to the chemo apparently.

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thanks stacie, thats great, would like to hear from tricia.. i think my dad needs the avastin, he will have to pay for it privately here, but i think it will be worth it.