Topic: Overhearing that divorce was worse

I was in the lounge taking a break, and in walk one of my co-workers she was speaking to another co-worker.  They were talking of divorce the first said it is the hardest thing to go through in life, except maybe losing a child, the other lady said she so believes too.  This lady had mentioned that last year, it hurt then, now it is worse.  She may have been through a divorce but you have something to do with getting divorce.  She said today that getting a divorce is like pulling your heart out.  I cannot believe they could be talking like that with me sitting there.  Our hearts of all the people that has lost their mates fill like our hearts is bombed into a million people.  There could never be a comparison.


I lost my Wayne in Feb 17, 2010

Love to my Wayne for 36 years
I'm not a widow, I am a wife
We are only apart for heaven's sake
You are waiting for me at heaven's gate

Re: Overhearing that divorce was worse


I know exactly what you are saying.  Early on I had someone tell me they understood how I felt as they feel the same.  I asked when & how she had lost her husband and she said "He divorced me."  I totally agree with you.  There is absolutely no comparsion.  What are these people thinking?


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