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Hi,  My husband Philip is now one year from diagnosis at Mayo MN.  He had metal stents placed last December and has needed a plastic stent placed inside of the metal.   The left lobe of the liver hasn't been able to be drained for a while.

Long story short, the GI Dr at Penn has been urging him to have percutaneous drainage done since February.  Philip has resisted, who wants another reminder of this disease, we have plenty already.  Of course we have the threat of stent blockages, and I just don't think things drain that well now.

They remind us that he may need drainage and be too sick to have this done.  At this point, he's doing pretty well.  He can occasionally go into his old office and work a bit, we can travel as much as chemo exhaustion allows.

I'd like to know how many have gone this route and does it offer a "better quality of life" as they seem to urge us at University of Pennsylvania.


Re: Percutaneous drainage

My husband has had external drains early in his treatment and yes they are a pain at times but if necessary they can be managed without much trouble. At least you don't have to deal with the stent blockages. I think there are several people on this site who have them. I know David Cook does. I have also talked to people who have had them for years and seem to be doing just fine. There is always a chance of infection complications with them too but they will allow your husbands' liver to drain properly and may help him feel a lot better. Best wishes. Mary

Re: Percutaneous drainage

Thanks for the input Mary.  We will meet with interventional radiology at Penn this week, and will most likely sched the proceedure.  One just gets so sick of needles, pain, and bad news, it's hard to "go in" for another proceedure.