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In honor of this new discussion board format, thank you Rick!, I decided to add an avatar to my profile today.  It won't make sense to many who see it so I wanted to explain the background.

The Chinese character in my avatar is the symbol meaning crisis.  When I was first diagnosed in 2003 my Chinese medicine practitioner asked if I knew of the Chinese view of crisis.  I did not.

My understanding is that the Crisis symbol/character is composed of two other Chinese characters.  One meaning danger and the other opportunity.  I have always remembered this and tried to use it in my battle against this disease.

My apologies if this post is under an incorrect topic.  I have actually been a member of this site for a good while but I was not sure where to post this.  Rick, please move it if you would like it elsewhere.


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I love it!!  (as well as the description of it!)

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It has been over a year since Peter's passing and I thought we could all use a small dose of his wisdom and humanity.

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