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Hello everyone.

I am not sure I posted the results of my current scan here.  My local Oncologist didn't see anything that they had seen on the scans before!  I decided to keep my appointment at the Mayo Clinic anyway, just to get a second set of eyes on me.

So...I am just back from the Mayo Clinic and good news...they read my scans and biopsies and agree with my doctor here that everything is looking good!  There is no evidence of anything in my liver and the last scan was just THAD (transient hepatic something or other).  This just means that what they saw on my last CT/MRI was just a transient thing and they didn't see anything on my current MRI scan.

The Mayo Clinic is an amazing place...a well oiled machine where the staff has everything so under control and they are so thorough.  I am so glad I went because it just reinforced the good results of my last scan.  The other good thing is I have doctors there that will read all my future scans (along with my local oncologist/radiologists).  That is a really good feeling for me.

Marion:  You were right about Dr. Grothey...he is a very caring doctor. he is probably the first doctor who has looked me in the eye and asked how I am handling all of this.  Very caring. 
I stayed at the Kahler and loved it...easy access, clean rooms, a hotel with history...i love that!

Kathy: I hope things are going well with you.

Lainy:  You know how much your support means to me!

My greatest wish is that everyone on this site could feel as good as i am feeling right now!  Thanx for all the support!!

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Re: Good far

Randi, you know how happy this makes me, I just answered your email. But I will repeat:  MAZEL, MAZEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just doesn't get any better than this.