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I have been visiting this site for about 4 months now (without posting) as my 72 year old dad was diagnosed with cc back in April. 

Let me start by saying I like both of my dad

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Dear Bz, my husband has a klatskin tumor starting in the gall bladder going into both bile ducts and both sides of the liver. In Australia no treatment is offered as it has not proven to extend  life. It seems very different in the US I find it hard to believe how many different treatments are offered.
My husband can be so well one day and just by over doing it of eating the wrong thing he will end up in bed with bloating pain high fevers for a couple of days and then the pendulem swings the other way and he is back in the garden working and living a normal life. It is all about finding a balance, my husband has an amazing outlook and doesn't ever think of himself as being sick, I think it is harder on me as the carer watching him fade away, he has lost 16kg since Jan 07 and though he staberlized after having 2 stents put in in March he seems to be losing weight at about 2kg every couple of weeks or so. I find Bowen therapy helps a lot with his bloating as I am a bowen therapist. I do the reflux moves that are used on babies and find that helps on accasion if you know of a Bowen therapist over there.
Hope this helps you, Fran

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Thank you for your post. I am unfamiliar with the therapy you mentioned - but I will look into it.

Since my post - dad has seen his oncologist and news was not good. His CA19-9 is up (went from 1400 in late August to 1797 in mid-October) and his continued fluid build up is concerning. Dr started new cycle of Gemzar with Xeloda. Doing 2-weeks on then one week off. Will check Ca19-9 again next week and will get results at 11/7 appointment. Depending on results current chemo combo will be repeated or an alternate (final) combo will be tried.

My mom has Alzheimer's and my dad is trying really hard to out live her but I don't know that this is going to be enough. Prayers are good!


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Dear Bazel, I wish you luck with your dad and your mum. Yes prayers are good, I will put you in mine, Fran

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Bazel--I'm new to this site.  My mom is 77 years old and was diagnosed with a sizable tumor on the bile duct in Dec. 2006.  Originally the head of oncology at NW Memorial in Chicago suggested resection for my mom.  She was symptomatic but CT scans showed no signs of metatices.  In Feb. 2007 she had surgery only to find that the cancer had spread to her abdomen and nodes.  Due to complications with her incision and stents (infection), she was unable to start chemo until May.  She began chemo then and was doing quite well.  Many ups and downs, but carried on a semi normal life.  A few weeks ago, however, even with lowered tumor markers, she began having frequent diarreha (not sure if chemo related).  She's on Gemzar, like your dad 3 wks on 1 off.  She also had increased stomach upset, acid stomach and fatigue.  A recent hospital stay last week, after a night of vomitting, turned up no blockages, which is what they had expected.  A few days on IV fluids and keeping down minimal food allowed her to come home.   The same night she came home, she was vomitting again.  She's been returning back and forth to the oncologist's office for IV fluids and this weekend has perked up.  There are so many ups and downs it's difficult to know if she's really worsening.  I too am the only one active in my mom's caregiving.  I'm thankful for this site.  Sometimes I think the doctors spare my mom the details on how this disease progresses.  Hope you dad perks up too.  I just keep praying for quality days, or hours or even minutes. 

Stay strong