Topic: HER2 testing and treatment with Herceptin

Has anyone been tested for the HER2 receptor and/or been treated with Herceptin?  I have a friend whose father in law lives in Paris.  He was diagnosed with cc a couple of months ago.  He was tested for HER2 as a matter of course; found to be positive; and is currently being treated with Herceptin as well as other chemo.  My dad went for a f/u at MDA last week, and was told that they no longer test cc patients for herceptin because it is not cost -effective and insurance companies were not paying them for it.  I'm sure if it was their dad that had cc, it would be cost-effective.

Are there any hospitals that you know of that will at least offer a HER2 test, even if it is self-pay (around $3k).  HER2 testing is done on all breast and colon cancers in this country.  Herceptin has dramatically changed the outcome and survival for those who are positive.